Our Services

Servicing- We can service all cars including electric and hybrid.

What is included?

Short Service: Included in a short service is an oil filter and oil change as well as a brief check of the vehicle.

Master Service: A master service includes a oil filter and oil change, a air filter change and a good look at your vehicle. You will then receive a call with a list of any advisories found.


As a local car tyres specialist, we are renowned throughout Essex for providing a high level of customer service combined with local knowledge and a friendly, welcoming environment. Unlike a lot of other garages, we carry stock to make sure your repairs or tyre fittings run smoothly and you do not have to wait for stock to arrive.

We can provide a wide range of tyres from pocket-friendly cheap tyres to high-end premium tyres. Balancing also comes included free with every tyre we provide

Wheel Alignment/Tracking-

Wheel alignment is the process of making sure your wheels are set at the correct position as specified by the car manufacturer’s specifications.

Wheels can become misaligned quite easily and happens on a daily basis for thousands of people. The road conditions is one of the main reasons wheels become misaligned as hitting pot holes and kerbs, especially at speed, can alter the positioning of your tyres.

Poorly aligned wheels will cause you issues such as your car may pull to the side, you can feel vibration in the steering wheel and your tyres are likely to wear unevenly so the life of the tyre will decrease.

We offer both Front tracking for all vehicles and Rear tracking for some as not all cars are able to be adjusted at the rear. The process takes around 30-45 mins.


The most popular batteries 063, 065, 027, 075, 096, 100 and 110 are all held in stock. These batteries also come in a range of warranties in either 2, 3 or 5 years to suit your needs.

With todays modern technology in cars you can’t afford to have a battery with low power.

Our Tungstone batteries will keep your electrics working, from starting your car to powering your lights and air conditioning.

If you suspect your battery is beginning to fail, why not pop in and let one of our technicians test your electrical system with our latest diagnostic equipment.