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Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle as they are the only parts in contact with the road. It is therefore important to check and maintain your tyres on a regular basis. As a professional and experienced tyre safety centre, Roadrunner Tyres can help you maintain safe tyres and ensure your vehicle is always fitted with the optimal tyre.

To help you understand tyre safety and know exactly what to look for when checking a tyre, we have put together a helpful guide to tyre safety:

Checking your tyres

A regular tyre check should involve:

  • Checking pressures
  • Checking tread depth
  • A visual damage inspection

How to check tyre pressure

  • The recommended tyre pressure for your tyres can be found in the vehicle handbook , behind the fuel filler flap or on the drivers/passengers door pillar
  • Always check the pressures when tyres are cold and never adjust them during or just after a long journey
  • Check tyre pressures every two weeks and always replace the dust cap
  • Tyre pressure gauges can be purchased from most good motoring stores. Alternatively why not visit us for a free tyre safety check service

Tyre Pressure

To ensure optimum comfort and safety you should ensure your tyres are inflated to the manufacturers recommended pressures. The recommended tyre pressure can usually be found in the vehicle handbook, behind the fuel filler flap or on the drivers/passengers door pillar.

Over inflated tyres cause excess wear of a tyres centre tread.

Under inflated tyres cause excess wear to the outer tread areas.

How to check tread depth

UK legislation states the minimum tread depth for cars, vans and 4x4 vehicles up to 3.5 gvw is 1.6mm across 3/4 of the tyre tread. However leading tyre manufacturers including Continental recommend changing tyres at 3mm. Click here to learn why Continental recommends changing tyres at 3mm.

The tread depth should be measured in the principle grooves. These are the ones which contain ‘tread wear indicators’, which are raised sections in the base of the groove. They are usually 1.6mm to 2mm above the base of the groove.

Use a tread depth gauge to measure each groove depth across the tread width and in several places around the tyre circumference. If you don’t have a tread depth gauge the rim of a 20 pence piece will indicate if the tread is above or below 3mm.

Alternatively why not visit us for a free tyre safety check.

Visual damage inspection

  • Visually inspect tyres for lumps, bulges, cuts and age deterioration
  • Any tyres with lumps, bulges or cuts deep enough to see the internal structures should be checked and replaced immediately
  • Tyres deteriorate with age. Any tyre showing signs of cracking or age deterioration should be replaced immediately

To help ensure your peace of mind we offer a FREE tyre safety check. We'll check your tyres pressures, tread depth and inpsect your tyres for any damage excessive wear and also make sure you have the right tyres fitted.


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